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02 December 2018

Sunday Stamps - P

2010, Poland, Cats (koty = cats)
designer: Andrej Gosik

The Maine Coon is one of the oldest North American breeds of cats and is native to the state of Maine (and is their official state cat). Maine Coons are large, social creatures with long bushy tails and an uneven two layered coat.  No one knows exactly how the Maine Coon originated, but it may have been from a pairing of short-haired domestic cats with long-haired cats arriving on English or Norse ships (there is a resemblance to the Norwegian Forest Cat, a breed also thought to have traveled with the Norsemen).

for the letter P - Poland


FinnBadger said...

Bob, I was thinking the same thing :)

A stunning portrait of this cat. As far as I know, Ohio does not have a state cat.

And I hope it is OK to 'spam' the links today to catch up after some travel.

Joy said...

What a romantic story of its origin, I'd like to see one of those. Love those swirling name letters.

violet s said...

happy that you 'spammed' :)

violet s said...

I almost included 'pussycat'

violet s said...

a friend of mine once had one, named Maisie. she also had extremely long whiskers like this one!

Mail Adventures said...

It looks a bit scary to me!
I had never heard about an "official cat". Sure we haven't any :)

violet s said...

I hadn't either! But apparently 13 states have an official pet - either/or dog, cat