01 July 2018

Sunday Stamps - 'T'

2017, Germany, definitive 'baby animals'

Wildschwein, or wild boar, is one of the widest ranging mammals in the world and has become an invasive species in many places.  They are strong, intelligent and highly adaptable and can become quite the pests while damaging crops, eating birds eggs, and scaring of cattle. These tierkinder stamps are an ongoing series since 2014.

for the letter T - tierkinder


  1. omg, these are soooo cute! I love animals in general, but as babies these are just so adorable - can't say the same for grown up wild boars :))

  2. Who can resist tierkinder, certainly not me. Love those stripes.

  3. I think I have never seen one in person.

  4. Unique way of dealing with 'T' - these are just the stamps to cheer you up.