08 July 2018

Sunday Stamps - 'U'

1984, Great Britain, Urban Renewal
designer: Ronald Maddox

The stamp on the left shows Bush House at the docks on the Avon River in Bristol built in the 1830s as a warehouse for an iron foundry and later for tea. In the 1970s it was converted into an art gallery and performing arts centre and is now known as the Arnolfini. On the right, is a view of Commercial Street at the River Tay in Perth where architects have taken care to create a new housing development that harmonizes with the traditional, historical building style in the neighbourhood.

for the letter U - urban renewal


  1. It's ironic that I know both of the locations on these stamps but have not seen the stamps before.

  2. interesting word choice - these not so common letters are always more intriguing to me, as in, what would people come up with :)

    the stamps are beautiful too!

  3. These are lovely stamps, the scroll with the map is a nice detail.

  4. How nice this theme is?