24 June 2018

Sunday Stamps - 'S'

2012, Lithuania, World Heritage Objects, Curonian Spit

The Kursiu Nerija, or Curonian Spit, has the largest rolling sand dunes in Europe.  It is 98 km long and  varies from 400 metres to 4 kms wide with the Curonian Lagoon on east side and the Baltic Sea on the west.  It has been a UNESCO Heritage Site since 2000 shared by Lithuania and Russia.

for the letter S - sand dunes, spit


  1. Wow, this seem a beautiful place... that made a beautiful stamp. It's time I plan my summer! :)

  2. this is one of the places I would really like to visit, and the stamp is so beautifully done!

  3. Just the place to be with the superb weather we are having. Great stamp.

  4. Love a sand dune so to see 98k of them would be amazing. I like the flowers its interesting how many plants thrive in this habitat.