17 June 2018

Sunday Stamps - 'R'

2003, Canada, Masterpieces of Art

Jean-Paul Riopelle died in 2002 after a successful career as a modernist painter and sculpture.  This is one of seven stamps of details of his Hommage de Rosa Luxembourg painted in 1992. It is a huge fresco (40 metres) made entirely by aerosol spray paint incorporating a succession of images of animals and nature.

for the letter R - Riopelle


  1. this is such a beautiful stamp! That one on the right reminds me of a unicorn, or some kind of mythological creature.

  2. Wow, this must be a wonderful artwork. It looks beautiful on the stamp, too.

  3. very beautiful and so lovely work :) i like your good idea ,Thanks for the inspiration!


  4. 40 metres into one tiny stamp, wow. Intrigued I found a blog of someone who had visited the art gallery and taken lots of pictures and it does look massive, the stamp does capture its essence. Looks a lovely gallery in Quebec.

  5. I am learning a lot about art through stamps like these starting with another artist new to me.