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20 January 2018

Wacker Drive


Wacker Drive runs along the south side of the main branch (and east side of the south branch) of the Chicago River in the downtown area of Chicago called the Loop. It's a double decker road with the upper level for local traffic and the lower level for through traffic and service trucks. It was named for businessman and city planner Charles Whacker.


Heleen said...

I always think it amazing that buildings that tall have been builtover 100 years ago! And how quiet it must have been in those days, compared to the present bury streets!

Maria said...

My curiosity for Chicago has been constantly piqued by every postcard I see about this city. Thank you very much for sharing!

Mail Adventures said...

Oh, I love this sort of vintage postcards!

Joy said...

I like the river bend and was trying to decide if that is a steam boat on the river