12 January 2018


Anton Pieck, 1895-1987

Anton Pieck was an illustrator and painter known for his nostalgic fairy tale depictions of city and winter scenes in Holland.


  1. I love this busy fairy tale winter scene. It makes me want to buy fairy tale books and go through each page, remembering how amazing it was for me to do that when I was a young girl. I actually didn't own any fairy tale book at all but I was able to borrow from the library.

    Thank you very much for linking up and sharing this pretty postcard. Have a nice weekend!

  2. How nice that we have coincided! I think I had forgotten about this illustrator until I receive a postcard for Christmas.

  3. I love scenes like this with all the little stories going on in the picture. Don't forget to duck going under the bridge!

  4. Anton Pieck is one of my favourite illustrators, so I am pleasantly surprised to see one of his illustrations here!

    In the south of the Netherlands there is a famous leisure park, named 'Efteling', which has been based on the fairy-tale illustrations by Anton Pieck.

    1. Probably you told me, but I hadn't retained the connection Pieck-Efteling!