07 January 2018

Sunday Stamps II - 160

1984, Viet Nam

Hon Am, an UNESCO site at Ha Long Bay

for the letter V - Viet Nam


  1. I started in Vietnam too. Apart from the Vietnam war it's a country I know little about so good to see a UNESCO site.

  2. |I like how the sailing ship and rock have a similar shape. Looks very peaceful. It was Vietnam for me this week too.

  3. A pretty stamp. With all the Vietnam stamps today, it strikes me that it is written as two words, Viet Nam. I wonder why we don't write it the same was as they do?

  4. I first thought the object in the middle to be a ship - but I see it is an island! Wonderful scenery, I didn't know this UNESCO world heritage site before.

    I agree with FinnBadger, I didn't know the country's name contains two separate words, and it seems logical to use the official country's name.