14 October 2017

Morse Country

received 2014
M Peck

Marian Fielding Peck was a painter who produced over 60 maps of Great Britain for Salmon Postcards until her death in 1974. Oxford is the "sweet city of the dreaming spires".

for Postcards for the Weekend


  1. The post box really stands out, I like that. No problem in finding a post office for stamps.

  2. It's interesting task to try and figure our the different buildings depicted on this map. And yep, Oxford for me is synonymous to spires ;-) Thanks for sharing and have a nice week ahead!

  3. I love map cards and Marian Fielding Peck's version is a wonderful one!

  4. Hi Violet, As you will know, I enjoy postcards. And I’m also a map enthusiast! So, it’s neat to find out about Marian Fielding Peck! Drawing out maps, like she did for your OXFORD card, is just fascinating to me. Thank you for sharing and for visiting my blog and your kind comment.