21 October 2017


received 2014

Eight very different lighthouses on the Atlantic coast of North Carolina.

Baldhead Island, first lit in 1794, current lighthouse lit in 1817, automated in 1985
Cape Lookout, first lit in 1812, current lighthouse lit in 1859, automated in 1950
Cape Hatteras, first lit in 1803, current lighthouse lit in 1870, automated in 1950
Currituck Reach, lit in 1875, automated in 1939
Ocracoke, first lit in 1798, current lighthouse lit in 1823, automated in 1955
Bodie Island, first lit in 1847, current lighthouse lit in 1872, automated in 1940
Oak Island, first lit in 1849, current lighthouse lit in 1958, automated in 1958
Prices Creek, lit in 1849, never automated

for Postcards for the Weekend - lighthouses


  1. The zigzag pattern is quite unusual, who could resist a place called Cape Lookout. Lovely card.

  2. I like this diversity of lighthouses. INteresting, too: not only the diamond-shaped pattern, but also the cone shaped buildings (top right and two on bottom) as well as the chocolate coloured one bottom right are new to me. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I've received some of these on postcards, as individuals. I like this postcard, with the map and the lovely designs.

  4. I like how the lighthouses are laid out on this postcard. Lovely artwork of each of the lighthouses! It's a smart move of the artist to have the black and white ones making a diagonal zigzag line through the card and making me pay more attention to each lighthouse design.