22 October 2017

Sunday Stamps II - 149

2014, Latvia, Lighthouses
designer: Arta Ozola Jaunaraja

This octagonal lighthouse on the Gulf of Riga was built in 1930. It has been painted white with an orange vertical stripe and orange roof. The harbour at Ainazi was bombed by the Germans during the war which meant the loss of the areas fishing industry - and the need for a lighthouse. The village and harbour was rebuilt by the Soviets and the lighthouse restored.

for the letter L - Latvia, Lighthouse


  1. "B" that's me!!
    Stunning stamp.

  2. Love all the detail of this stamp almost like a collage. I headed to Latvia this week too but in their first go at independence.

  3. Beautiful lighthouse stamp. I know Eva will be excited that you chose lighthouse for your L theme.

  4. Beautiful collage of lighthouses!

  5. Like this, of course. And I don't see so often stamps from Latvia.