24 July 2016

Sunday Stamps II - 84

2014, additional postage ¥18 for Celebrations                         2014, ¥52 for Happy Greetings
Designer: Hoshiyama Ayaka                                                 Designer: Nakamura Hitomi

Issued in October of 2014 for New Year, this temporary stamp (left) makes up the difference of domestic rate and international postage for postcards. It is common in Japan to send postcards to arrive on New Year's Day. This is one of the two most popular cuisine (the other stamp in the set shows tempura). The 52 yen stamp is the regular rate and was issued for the "greetings" theme and shows a pagrus major (or, in Japanese,  madai) which is prized for its flavour and for its traditional use as a food of good fortune often served at New Year or for other festive occasions.

for food


  1. I have had fruit for breakfast as you will see. The Japanese food looks good.

  2. I like their tradition of special new year postcards. A nice 'feastive' duo.

  3. I like this cartoonesque representation of the dishes.

    I am not so far away for today's post...well at least on the same continent :))


  4. Japan always had such interesting stamp designs, and subjects.

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  6. Also I love the cartoonesque pictures.
    The fish first reminded me of an 'sea animal' theme, so before reading your text I was wondering why you posted also the fish ('for love of the picture' I thought, as it is one of my favourite Japanes stamps!). I should have known that the fish is food, too :-)