17 July 2016

Sunday Stamps II - 83

1958, Canada International Geophysical Year
designer: Alan Pollock

The International Geophysical Year was an international scientific project that ran from July 1 - Dec 31, 1958 and had 67 nations participating. The focus was on studies of the universe in all parts of the world and encompassed eleven earth sciences, including meteorology, oceanography, seismology, solar activity, geomagnetism, cosmic rays, aurora, gravity and longitude and latitude determinations for precise mapping. Some of the legacies of the ICY lead to the creation of the Antarctic Treaty and the World Data System both of which encourage free exchange of scientific information across international borders.

for science


  1. I love the FDC design, at first glance I thought it was something astronomy-related but then I saw it covers a really wider area of subjects :)

    btw, just as last time, I cannot see the links' section (don't know if it is just me) so that's why I am using the comments' section only...

    my contribution for today

  2. Nice FDC, the IGY prompted some great stamps (one of my favourite themes from the past).
    With regard to Ana's comment I can see the links but it varies from week to week whether I can when I'm on a laptop although can always see them on an ipad. Weird or what.

  3. Great, clean design on the stamp and first day cover.

  4. A microscope on a stamp - I love to see that! Beautiful stamp and FDC!

  5. I have no problem with the links but last week Ana's post would not let me comment.
    A wide range of sciences covered by one FDC = great.

  6. The links disappeared when I commented this week.