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31 July 2016

Sunday Stamps II - 85

2013, Czech Republic, Horses
designer: Peter Oriesek

The Chumlec horses from the Kinsky stud farm are among the best horses bred in the Czech Republic. They are admired for their extremely glossy, almost metallic, golden colour as much as for their stamina, athleticism and good character.  During the Prussian War, the Kinsky's, a member of the Bohemian nobility, were ordered to develop their stud farm and breed good quality horses for the elite cavalry. Apart from military and police, they are best suited for dressage, steeplechases, show jumping, fox hunting and polo.

For: horses


Ana said...

so beautiful and graceful!!

ps. oh, I can see the links again! :D

Bob Scotney said...

A superb horse and stamp.
Re the links - they disappear when I submit my post, but reappear when I leave the post and come back to it.

Joy said...

Love the all action horse.

FinnBadger said...

Like Joy said, great 'action' stamp.

Heleen said...

Beautiful stamp!!

Heleen said...

The links have disappeared and don't come back so far, as does the place for new links..

Could you please add my link?
Thank you!