10 July 2016

Sunday Stamps II - 82

2010, Russia, Cities of Military Glory

Each of the five stamps in this set is exactly the same, save for the name of the city written in gold foil on the top. In this case, it is Luga. The other cities are: Malgobek, [Y]Elnya, [Y]Elets, and Voronezh. The stamps are square, measuring 37mm x 37mm and valued at 10 rubles. Luga was given the status of "City of Military Glory" by Vladimir Putin in 2008 for "courage, endurance, and mass heroism, exhibited by the defenders of the city in the struggle for freedom and independence of the Motherland". In 2010, Luga had a population of around 38,600. It's located 140km south of St Petersburg. During WWII, seven regular militia and irregular divisions in the Luga area halted the advance of the German army and delayed the Siege of Leningrad by over one month. The German occupation of Luga lasted from August 1941-February 1944.

for the colour Red


  1. I have always associated such stamp designs with Russia. Red must be an appropriate colour for many of them.

  2. I went with Russia too, they do like a block red stamp, this one is suitable sombre.

  3. Wow, that stamp is stunning.

  4. I went with the USSR....seems that part of the world is all about the colour red :))