09 August 2015

Sunday Stamps II - 34

issued October 2014
designed by Sami Saramäki to celebrate 'changes in everyday life', this particular set shows culinary culture and how eating habits have changed over the years to include fast foods (pizza) and imported foods (olives) to ethnic foods (sushi) along with the staples of potatoes, breads and fish and shrimp.  This is part of a series of stamps begun in 2013 for Finland's 100th anniversary of independence in 2017.

for food and drink


  1. This almost does not look like a stamp. It's one I would like to see to really appreciate it.

  2. I thought it was a number of stamps at first to mix and match your meal but then it dawned it was one stamp. I agree with Bob that would be a super stamp to receive in the post.

  3. This set of stamps is brilliant.

  4. Wonderful stamp! The Finnish mail always has amazing shaped stamps, but this one to my opinion is the most amazing. Love it! :-)