16 August 2015

Sunday Stamps II - 35

issued in 2011 for Travel in Taiwan under the theme of Celebrations/Greetings.
designed by Lin Hsiao-han
This is Kenting, 'a hot tourist destination in the summer. Lazily sunbathing under the blue sky or sitting under an umbrella is a perfect way to enjoy a hot summer day on the beach' (ChunghwaPost)
Kenting is a National Park, established in 1984 and is Taiwan's oldest and most southern national park. It is well known for its tropical climate and sunshine, scenic mountain and beach.

And by the time you read this I will be off to a beach (not one in Taiwan where it is monsoon season anyway) and will be offline for a few days. So I'll visit you all at your summer theme when we get back.


  1. I search high and low for a summer beach scene without success.

  2. I like the simplicity of the design, enjoy your days on the beach.

  3. I agree with Joy, the simplicity of the design is a great reflection of being at the beach.

  4. I hope your beach is as warm as the picture on the stamp. It is a particularly attractive stamp, I think.