02 August 2015

Sunday Stamps II - 33

This baby echidna stamp was issued in 2013 as part of Australia Post's Bush Babies II series and looks completely adorable in this illustration by Elise Martinson (who also illustrated the first Bush Babies series in 2011). The other stamps in the series show a kookaburra, possum, platypus and wombat (none of which I have)

below is the complete bush babies from Australia Post

for animals in the wild

in two weeks, you are encouraged to show off any stamps you have that make you think of summer. it may be as obvious as summer flowers, activities, or a holiday destination, or subtle like colours, or an author, or maybe planes/trains/automobiles/boats of summer travel. let your imagination free.


  1. Delightful set. You can see a marmot on my Czechoslovakian stamps.

  2. Cute. I love the circle effect. I went with Australia too, they have so many weird and wonderful animals.

  3. A great set. I bet a baby platypus is a pretty crazy thing to see in the wild.

  4. Australian animals belong to my all-time-favourite animals!

    I've received the echidna, too, it is a cute stamp. And oh, how I would love to see the kookaburra and platypus stamp in real, too! But I think the chance to receive them is small - so I am enjoying your blog post, I had never seen these other stamps so far, thank you for sharing!