28 June 2015

Sunday Stamps II - 28

issued in 2012 for Europa series 'Visit'
this is one in a series of six minor lighthouses on the Isle of Man designed by local artist Tracey Dean

Douglas Harbour is located on the southern end of the capital city of Isle of Man, Douglas, and is the main commercial shipping port. The outer harbour has two jetties, four piers, eleven berths and an area designated for lifeboats.

for ports and harbours
In honour of the UK's 160th anniversary of the first pillar box, Joy has chosen our theme for next week - post/mail boxes, or anything postal themed.


  1. This goes well with my IOM stamp. I have never made it to the IOM.

  2. Looks a lovely calm day in the harbour.

  3. Beautiful stamp. I like the Europa series in general, great to see each country's take on the stamp.

  4. It is not the usual Europa stamp. I like it.

  5. Are there any rules for joining in and posting our stamps. Do we need to know when the stamps were released, etc? How much information do we need to convey?

    1. No rules, just jump in! The link goes up around midnight ESDT and stays up for 24 hours. You can put in as much or as little information about the stamps as you wish (or know). There is a list of themes on the sidebar which can be interpreted broadly. And if you have any thematic stamps you'd like to share, let me know and I can easily add it to the list.