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21 June 2015

Sunday Stamps II - 27

The Mole and the Rocket (Krtek a raketa) 2013
Designer Zdenek Miler and Otakar Karlas (who adjusted the original design to fit the stamp)

Krtek, or Mole, is a cartoon character originally created by Zdenek Miler in 1956. Miler wanted his mole to be understood all over the world, so the cartoons have a distinct lack of dialogue, using instead non-figurative exclamations to express Moles's feelings and perceptions. Miler's own daughters did the voice-overs. The Mole and the Rocket was a 9 minute film made in 1965 where Mole crash lands on a deserted sea island and makes friends with a crab who helps him find the lost parts of his rocket. There have been around 50 of these short (approximately 5 minute) cartoons made with the last one in 2002. Miler died in 2011 at age 91.

for cartoons, or children's drawings


  1. I've had postcards sent of this little mole character and always love all the little details on them. Such a fun stamp, I would like to travel on the rocket with him.

  2. I loved this guy when I was younger.

    1. Until a month ago, I'd never heard of him!

  3. I discovered Krtek thanks to postcards. I didn't know there were stamps too.

  4. I missed this Sunday Stamps and also this stamp. Lovely and beautiful stamp!
    I used to watch Krtek (in our country known as Molletje = little mole) as a child, and about ten years ago some of the (longer) movies were issued here as a dvd box. I bought it to have the kids watch, but in fact I enjoyed it as much as they did, too. Most of the movies I think real/'just' amusement, but some of them show also issues which still are actual, for instance on pollution, urbanization, industralisation/environment..