vintage and contemporary postcards and stamps from around the world

23 June 2024

black and white

from the top of the world, a trio of long tailed ducks




 to the bottom, with a duo of 

condors and penguins



In the Company of Me said...

Fantastic stamps, Violet! The black and white really lets the beauty of the wildlife shine through in a whole new way.

Sunday Stamps: The universe in black and white

Mail Adventures said...

That stamp from Finland... I have got it several times, and still I love it. The rest are new to me.

My black and white people is on this post.

Joy said...

Striking Finnish stamp, always heart lifting to see a skein of ducks or geese flying across the sky.
Mail is on its way here

viridian said...

My contribution is here:

Lisa said...

Those are wonderful! I love how black and white brings out detail.

Mine are animals too!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Animal stamps: I love them. 🐧

Marina said...

That was me