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04 December 2022

many ways to cross


As much as I love bridges, I find them slightly terrifying to cross. Especially if they have a bend like this Kohlbrand Bridge in Hamburg, the second longest road bridge in Germany at a little over 3 km.

Then there are these uneven prehistoric Tarr Steps built of stone slabs. Or this ornate stone military bridge crossing the River Tay from the early 1700s in Aberfeldy. An empty M4 motorway with no one going into, or out of Wales. And, finally, the world's first major suspension bridge crossing the Menai Strait, built over 200 years ago.

no two bridges alike for Sunday Stamps


Mail Adventures said...

I love to see different types of bridges here. Especially the prehistoric one!

My bridge is in this post.

Joy said...

Yes the most relaxing bridge to cross may be the Tarr Steps
My bridges are here