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18 December 2022



When I was young, we used to call the mittens with a string 'idiot mittens', Really, with the number of mitts and gloves I've lost over the years, that string would be handy (though a longer one, perhaps) These were illustrated by Jillian Ditner

Here we have Genevieve Godbout's wide-eyed Santa (2021)
a little bit of holiday cheer
for Sunday Stamps



  1. I didn't know those are called "idiot mittens"... but I think the name suits them! :)
    I love knitted-related stamps: two hobbies at the same time.

    Here you can see my stamps.

  2. We've just had a cold snap so all my mitts and hats have been brought into full use over the last week. What a cute Santa.
    My winter stamps are here

  3. Love the wooly set, and your santa belongs with one of mine :)

    My stamps for today are here: Happy Holidays

  4. Here is my USA contribution: