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02 January 2022


This was the third issue for Canada Post for Eid (the others were in 2020 and 2017). The 2021 version shows the crescent moon and nine stars seen through an intricate latticed arched window.

Happy New Year to all

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Joy said...

What a wonderfully peaceful image.
My 2021 stamps are here

FinnBadger said...

I love this stamp. I wonder if they considered a dark blue background for it like the FDC?

My new(ish) stamps

Happy New Year!

M said...

Nice design.

I've selected a few stamps... here

viridian said...

A stamp so new, it isn't available until next week:

Mail Adventures said...

I like this issue. I'd like my country issued an stamp for eid, as they do for Christmas.

My modern stamps are on this post.