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08 August 2021


 Cycling in Munich 1972
Cross Country Skiing in Sarajevo 1984

Figure Skating in Nagano 1998

I wonder how many countries issued stamps for Tokyo 2020?

I'm going to miss watching sports that I never think about except every four years. But, we get to do it all again in 7 months for the winter games, which seems insane. But, of course it's not all over as there's still the Paralympics in  a couple of weeks. I have no stamps for those.

For Sunday Stamps - Olympics or Japan


Mail Adventures said...

The movement feeling on the first stamp is very realistic. Great design!

Some Olympics stamps on this post.

Joy said...

2022 is going to a busy year for sport. I hope the crowds are there. Love the cycling cover.
My Olympics are here

viridian said...

My entry is here: