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01 August 2021


I have missed you all! Apologies for last week.

My computer finally crashed and it took a little while getting a new one and even longer getting it up and running with transferred files.  It has been picked up today (Saturday) and I am still trying to figure it all out... the changes are at once small and great. some things have not been improved and I much prefer the old  version. but all those coders must keep on creating, I guess.

Also, I lost many of my photos in the process so have to start over with inputting my stamps and postcards.

I have chosen lacemaking as my theme this week, which is about as finicky a craft as I can think of. This example from 1976 shows the perfect posture of the artisan and the perfect mess of the bobbins she uses to create her masterpiece.

I also have this set from 1987
for Sunday Stamps - your choice


  1. Sorry to hear about your broken computer. I hope the transition isn't too hard...

    And thanks for being back with such fine stamps! I have chosen a less demanding hobby... see my stamps here.

  2. Nightmare, glad you are back up and running. I wish you well in your tasks.
    I bring you versions of the future here

  3. I found a lace stamp too. My contribution:

  4. Welcome back! Hope you're getting the hang of the new technology now!