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04 April 2021

bountiful tree

A semi-postal stamp from 2020 for the Canada Post Community Foundation features a 'diverse community of animals living peacefully in a bountiful tree' (artist Isabelle Arseneault). It may not exactly be a spring theme, but now is the time when we start seeing more animals about and it does remind me of us all emerging from our winter homes to play. Of course only these ones are able to get so close as they share stories of their months of isolation from each other...

for Sunday Stamps - spring, flowers, or Easter


Bob Scotney said...

1969 beautification for me -

Happy Easter!

Mail Adventures said...

I got this very stamp on an envelope, and I think it's really pretty.

My "Easter" mail is here.

And happy Easter to everyone!

Joy said...

Oh yes that is cute central.
My bunny and flowers are here

viridian said...

My link is here:

Ana said...

Adorable stamp! Esp. the hedgehog on the swing!

My contribution is here