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28 March 2021


The quintessential Canadian girl

beloved by the Japanese

This was a joint issue from 2008 for the 100th anniversary of Anne of Green Gables

for Sunday Stamps - children


Bob Scotney said...

An all time classic and two fine stamps in tribute.

Here's mine -

Mail Adventures said...

What a coincidence that I have just started to read this story! I love the stamps, of course.

My stamp is here.

violet s said...

If this is your first introduction to Anne Shirley, then I am excited for you!

Mail Adventures said...

Not the first, but the first time I'm reading the real book (not an adaptation) in English.

Joy said...

I love the two portraits although of course the Canadian one is how I imagine her.
My children are here

viridian said...

I've never read the Anne of Green Gables books!
My post is here:

Ana said...

I've never read the book but after this post and the comments, seems I shall be adding it on my to-read list :)

Love both stamps, though slightly more the Japanese one (sorry) - I just have a soft spot for Japanese cartoons, where every character has such prominent eyes :)

(My children-related post).