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06 September 2020


Although a pioneer in fashion photography, Edward Steichen's 1915 photograph of Lotus Mt Kisco New York was chosen for this stamp for the Masters of American Photography series issued in 2002
Two Shells by Edward Weston. Shells were a favourite subject and he often spent hours balancing his still lifes and waiting for just the right light to photograph them.

For Sunday Stamps - black & white


  1. This set is great.

    My black and white photographs on stamps are here.

  2. Attractive sheet. Always amazes me how they hauled those big cameras out and about. Waiting for light on shells must have been a breeze in contrast although a whole lot of patience required.
    Its all black and white here

  3. That's a great sheet of stamps and all B&W.

    Mine are here

  4. I don't remember these stamps at all! Though given the postage rate, they are from some time ago.
    My contribution:

    Pardon my typo!

  5. This was a stunning set. I hope USPS stamps will issue something new in this vein in the future.

    My take on black and white