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20 September 2020


The city of Guangzhou has the nickname of "goat city", which explains the goats as mascots for the 2010 Asian Games. This stamp represents Weiqi - or Go - a strategy board game that has been played for thousands of years. One of the five goat mascots is leaping over the board of 'stones' and the city of Guangzhou. (I admit that I did not realize these were goats)

This poor Moomin doesn't look too steady, or graceful, on his tiny feet.
for Sunday Stamps - motion


Bob Scotney said...

Fun stamps - I have some games stamps too but more serious than these.

Mine are here

Mail Adventures said...

I'm not sure I got the theme right... Here you have my stamps.

I love that Moomin! :D

Mail Adventures said...

And also the goat is very nice.

Joy said...

Those franking marks in combination with the tottering Moomin make it look like a windy day. Fun stamps.
My stamps in motion are here

viridian said...

I almost forgot to add my contribution! It is here: