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02 August 2020


Soft food. Tasty to some.

tatties are potatoes
neeps are turnips - though in Scotland the turnip is actually a swede, or rutabaga
haggis - made with sheep offal. it has a rather peppery taste, so would actually be the spiciest food on this plate

for Sunday Stamps - food


Bob Scotney said...

I had my share of neeps and tatties when at university in the 1950s. Have never seen these stamps. Do you know when they were issued?
My fruit is at

Mail Adventures said...

Offal is the only thing I don't like to eat! However, the stamp is interesting.

Here you have my (very different!) food stamps.

violet s said...

I was last over in 2014, so that would be when I bought them. I believe you can only buy them at museums and art galleries.

violet s said...

neither do I, though I have had haggis which wasn't as bad as I feared. a small amount was enough and I had to push aside any thoughts of what was in it!

Mail Adventures said...

I'd probably try it. But, as you say... a small amount!

Joy said...

The "turnip is a swede" is also true of northern England, curious isn't it, I don't know where this root vegetable border ends as you travel south.
I venture outside with food this week here

viridian said...

My contribution is here:

FinnBadger said...

To me, very good haggis tastes good, all other haggis tastes pretty awful.

I'd prefer the food from Spain's Almeria province.