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22 March 2020


My apologies .... with everything that's been going on, I forgot to have this ready.
And spring has sprung, even if the weather has turned cold again. I saw my first green shoots this morning, which made me feel happy.
One must look for things of beauty in these trying times.
This stamp, from 1971, is part of the Maple in Four Seasons series.
"The rebirth of life after a winter hibernation is exemplified in the setting of a maple key in the fresh, delicate greens of spring"
designed by Alma Duncan

for Sunday Stamps - signs of spring


  1. Pleased to see you had no other problem - Take care.

    Lots of green shoots here to to go with my spring flowers

    1. all is well here. but I am watching too much news, so perhaps need to get outside more and look for signs of spring :)

    2. We aren't allowed to go outside. Happily, there are signs of spring in the balconies, despite the rain.

  2. Nature is a balm in these troubling times.
    Spring has sprung here

  3. I like this stamp - both the story behind it and the colors.

    Currently can still go out, but staying home as much as possible. Stay safe, and thanks for running Sunday Stamps.

    My signs of spring

  4. My contribution for today: