16 February 2020


Here they come. The ships to "discover" the islands of the Caribbean

Christopher Columbus may have sailed past St Lucia but he didn't even deign to mention it in his travel logs

although Juan de la Cosa did include it on his 'world map' - the first to include the Americas

It is only 617 square miles and is the most mountainous of the Caribbean Islands with The Pitons (798 and 743 metres high) being its most famous landmark
Wouldn't we all like to be here now?

for Sunday Stamps - watercraft


  1. I like the idea of a ship per island. Also I now have to look up Juan de la Cosa.

    My craft are here http://bit.ly/2SM56l2

    1. I didn't even notice that!
      Juan de la Cosa was a mapmaker who owned and captained the Santa Maria, Columbus's main ship.

  2. The answer is "Of course!" :)
    I like the illustrations on the stamps, they are very informative, almost a 3D map.

    My boats are here.

  3. Lovely stamps this week.

  4. Attractive stamps and those waters look so calm, perfect for a swim. I love the positioning of the fleet of ships.
    My ships are coming to the rescue here