23 February 2020


A 1966 view of Mount Mikeno in the Volcanoes National Park which is known as Virunga National Park across the border in the DRC. (Virunga means volcano in Kinwyarwanda language of Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo). When the park was created in the 1920s, both countries were under control of Belgium. The green unfortunately does not show off the brilliant yellow-crested helmetshrike with his black body and high yellow crest. Although this stamp is from Rwanda, this bird is endemic to the DRC. And it is now on the vulnerable list.

designer Jean Van Noten
engraved by Jean de Vos

For Sunday Stamps - the colour green


  1. "Volcanoes and mountains" would make another great theme for a Sunday!

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  2. A wonderfully dramatic view.
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  4. A classic stamp design - I love that the bird is featured in the foreground.

    My stamp today