19 January 2020

rural route

From 2000, some eccentric samples of rural mailboxes, illustrated by Marcel Cote. Some folk art at  the end of your driveway. I think these would put a smile on any mail carrier's face during their long drive from house to house.

for Sunday Stamps - rural, countryside


  1. We don't see postboxes like these in the UK - brilliant stamps.

    Mine are more mundane - http://bit.ly/30y3aA5

  2. Also we don't have such postboxes here. I love the stamps, as every postal-related stamps.

    My farming stamps are here.

  3. These stamps are stunning - I love the long shape, the different seasons, and the style of the art.

    My rural stamp for today

  4. Gorgeous, I love how the artist sets the scene with all the activity in the background.
    My rural scenes are here