26 January 2020


I think, that of all the lunar new year animals, the rat is possibly the least likely to appear on a stamp at any other time.  For both of the Year of the Rat stamps (2008 and 2020) Canada has chosen to go with the 'mouse bride' or 'rat's wedding' story*.

This left one from 2008 is so colourful and fun. I love the purple, the parasol, the purse, and the little curl in the bride rat's tail. On the right is this year's version, with the bride rat being carried in her chair, or litter. Personally, I prefer the 2008 version.

*You can read an interesting version of the rat's wedding here

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Gong Hei Fat Choy (one of many variations in spelling of Mandarin)


  1. Good to know they exist. I can't find anything appropriate this week unfortunately.

  2. Yes I love the opulent rat of 2008 (so much it also appears with me this week) but I also like those little rats trotting along with the palanquin this year.
    Rats they are here

  3. I like both stamps. The shape of the 2008 one reminds me of a lantern.

    In separate posts I have last year's pig

    and this year's rat.

  4. Rats look very happy on both stamps. I guess mice are more likely to appear on stamps...

    My rats (and a couple of other animals) are here.