06 May 2018

Sunday Stamps - 'L'

1998, Canada Wildlife
illustrator: Robert-Ralph Carmichael

The Common Loon is characterized by its large size and sharply pointed bill (unlike those of ducks and geese). Their legs are positioned far back on their bodies which makes them strong propellers in the water but also makes it difficult for walking on land. They spend almost all of their time on water, except to nest and even then, the nests are very close to water. Usually two eggs are laid in early June with an incubation period of around four weeks. 

for the letter L - loon


  1. I've heard of a loon but have never seen one and did not know it was a water bird. Fine stamp,

  2. The rose colour on the background gives this stamp a magic air...

  3. Beautiful bird; having learnt about their legs I would like to see them swimming.

  4. lovely stamp and bird! Well, to me they are all either geese or ducks, just cannot tell the difference =/