29 April 2018

Sunday Stamps - 'K'

2002, Greenland
engraver - Martin Morck

The Hvidbjornen was crushed by an iceberg after being trapped in some cliffs near Nunarsuit, an island in Greenland, in 1895. Greenland is the world's largest island (that is not a continent) and has only around 57,000 inhabitants. Denmark has sovereignty over the country and Greenlandic and Danish are its official languages. Kalaallit is Greenlandic for the name of the native Inuit people.

for the letter K - Kalaallit Nunaat, krone

4 krone would be 0.84 CAD, or 0.47 GBP, or 0.54 euros today


  1. We don't see many stamps from Greenland and this is a beauty for 'K'.

  2. Martin Morck and sailing boats, it doesn't getter better than that.

    1. I found a few of these Greenland stamps at a stamp show last weekend. And I didn't realize just how prolific Martin Morck was until now!!

  3. I agree with Bob - it is difficult to get a stamp from Greenland. Great choice.

  4. I like the clever K connections.

  5. It's a fine stamp, and no doubt a great find for k!