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25 February 2018

Sunday Stamps II - B

2017, Belarus

This badger stamp is from a series of "The Red Book of Mammals of Belarus" which is a collection of animals that are rare and/or endangered. The book is updated every 10 years with the latest edition being in 2015. Badgers have been on the endangered list for 25 years.

The M on the stamp designates it as airmail postcard abroad.

for the letter B - Belarus, badger (barsuk in Russian)


Bob Scotney said...

Endangered in Belarus but being culled in England due their supposed link to bovine TB. My first memory of a badger was in a Rupert Bear cartoon strip in a newspaper when I was a boy.
Beautiful stamp.

Ana said...

Belarus often issues stamps with endangered species, I do appreciate that. And this is a triple match of a B you have here, Belarus, badger, barsuk! Wow :D

Joy said...

To continue from Ana it might be a quadruple match for brock is the old English word for badger and why Beatrix Potter called her badger Mr Brock. Nice stamp showing those powerful claws.

FinnBadger said...

This is my first stop this week, and I feel that this badger stamp will be my favorite!

Mail Adventures said...

I thought of you immediately when I first saw the stamp :)