10 September 2017

Sunday Stamps II - 143

1961, Republic of Congo
engraver: Rene Cottet

Argyropelecus gigas, or giant hatchetfish can be found in tropical waters of all the oceans and is native to around 90 countries, including the Republic of Congo. Giant Hatchetfish aren't really all that giant - they usually reach only 4-6 inches, but that is much bigger than many of the other 40 species of hatchetfish. They have big eyes that are extremely sensitive to light and shadow in depths of 400-4,000 feet. Their eyes are also focused upwards which helps them find food. Another interesting feature is their ability to fly by fluttering their pectoral fins.

for the letter F - fish, flying, fins

I am away on an internet free holiday for a week, so will visit you all next Sunday


  1. Wow, this is an astonishing fish. I like the engraved stamps (actually, engraved tend to be my favourites).

    And finally I was able to join Sunday Stamps again!

  2. What an amazing fish, the underwater is a strange and fascinating place.

  3. I'm glad they don't grow too big, that fish looks like something out of a nightmare!

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  5. Sorry for the late comment due to travel t the USA.

    This fish looks fearsome until I saw its size.

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