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03 September 2017

Sunday Stamps II - 142

2017, Estonia, 100 years
designer: Indrek Ilves

Estonia's 100th anniversary of independence will be a long celebration. It started in April 2017 with the centenary of Estonian settlement areas, peaks with the anniversary of the republic on February 24th, 2018, continues into 2019 with commemorations of important victory battles and finally ends in 2020 with the anniversary of the Tartu Peace Treaty when Russia unreservedly recognized the independence of Estonia. Until then, Estonia had been a province of Imperial Russia since 1710 and had been dominated by one nation or another since the13th century.
As from July this year Estonia is holding the Presidency of the European Council. The theme is 'Unity through Balance' and this stamp shows the combined logo for the presidency and the centenary. From the creator of the identity logo: a narrow rectangle and two circles are the building blocks for the Presidency's symbol of balance, the symbol of Estonia 100 and the binary code pattern used by both.
for the letter E: Eesti/Estonia, European Union


Heleen said...

How nice that you show both stamp and postmark.
At first sight I thought the stamp a bit 'boring' but thanks to your explanation I looked closer and I think it a great design!

Bob Scotney said...

A stamp from another country where I have no stamps at all.

violet s said...

I also thought it was disappointingly boring at first!
The very clear postmark just cried out to be included.

Joy said...

Party time in Estonia, always worth celebrating especially with the bear on the doorstep. They produce some attractive stamps, I like the ideas behind this one.

FinnBadger said...

I like the simplicity of this design.