29 April 2017



The American (foreground) with Bridal Veil (the single fall just beyond the American) are completely on the US side of the border. Horseshoe (background) is mostly within Canada with only a small portion of the north east corner in the US. The Niagara River flows from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario, and while the falls aren't exceptionally high, they are very wide at over 3,400 feet from the extreme American side to the extreme Canadian side.

for Postcards for the Weekend: body of water


  1. A beautiful view of Nigara Falls! I don't think I've seen this exact view before and that's saying something having seen lots of Falls pics in the past. Somewhere I have a card that features the "Maid of the Mist" which is possibly the boat you can see on your card. It carries tourists around to get a close up view of the falls.

    1. yes, that would be the Maid of the Mist.
      and, this view can be seen from the Rainbow Bridge which connects the cities of Niagara Falls in Ontario and New York.

  2. This is a stunning view! Thanks so much for sharing! Have a nice week ahead. :D

  3. Wow, impressive view. Flickering images from some old b&w movie comes to mind when I think of these falls - don't remember the details, though.

  4. Gives a wonderful view of the power of water.