18 March 2017


1980s (?) Norway

There are about 1190 fjords in Norway. Some are as short as 2 or 3 kilometres. Sognefjorden is the largest and most well known at 205 kilometres with 12 smaller fjords branching of it. A fjord is a long, narrow inlet with steep cliffs created by glacial erosion. Norway's coastline is 29,000 km if all the fjords are included, but only 2,500 km if they are excluded. Fjord is a Norwegian word.

a country I would love to visit


  1. Hi Violet, Thanks for sharing the interesting Norway -- Land of the Fjords card. This card reminds me of my fascination with the fjords of Norway in comparison to our Puget Sound here in Washington State. Geologically sounds and fjords are similar except fjords have the steep cliffs created by glacial erosion. Here, we have hills around the water but no steep cliffs (that I'm aware of).

  2. My family and I actually lived in Norway when I was much younger. We lived in the south part, in Stavanger. It was a very interesting country to live in. I'd love to go back as an adult now, I think I would enjoy it much more.

    We took some trips up fjords on boats and such...beautiful views.

    Great postcard!

  3. Norway is also a country I would love to visit. I've been in Sweden and, briefly, in Finland, but never in Norway. I like your postcard.

  4. I'm watching the History channel TV series Vikings and my curiosity with Norway is increasing! Beautiful land & water scapes! Thanks for sharing this beautiful aerial view postcard from Norway!

  5. Norway is very beautiful. I have been into Norway a few times, but in spite of it being our closest neighbour country (and Swedish and Norwegian pretty much mutually understandable), my visits have been brief and I haven't really travelled around there much.

  6. Yes I would like to take a trip along the fjords too.