21 January 2017


c 1950s postcard folder
Sunset on Diamond Head

Diamond Head is on the island of Oahu, near Waikiki

for sunrise/sunset at Postcards for the Weekend


  1. I love the vintage air of this postcard.
    Can you write on the back, or it's just to make the recipient jealous of that colours?

  2. It's an accordion style booklet with postcard pictures on both sides. So, no room for messages.

  3. It's quite cool that it says gives the price without message. Does that mean that if there is a message it costs more?

  4. Yes that is definitely "the medium is the message". Anyone would gaze longingly at that picture, especially on a grey Sunday here.

  5. I'm curious of the image on the opposite side of this postcard! How lovely! Thanks for joining this past weekend Violet. Hope to see you again on the following weekends.

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