13 November 2016

Sunday Stamps II - 100

1994, Saint Lucia, 

Commemorating the Auxiliary Territorial Service, the women's branch of the British Army during the Second World War from 1938 until 1949 when it became the Women's Royal Army Corps.  All women who were in the army were in the ATS with the exception of nurses and other medical officers. They were attached to the Territorial Army and received two thirds the pay of the male soldiers. By 1941 there were 65,000 women in the ATS from the ages of 17-50.

for war and peace


  1. Congratulations on reaching 100!

    No it' common to see women it uniform of all the services and even in combat roles. Neat stamp.

  2. They just interviewed here, as part of Remembrance Sunday, an ex member of the ATS who is now a resplendent in the red of a Chelsea Pensioner, admission of women into their ranks only happened very recently.

  3. Great to see these women, who greatly contributed to the success of the Allies, honored on a stamp.

  4. I like to see a stamp about the end of the war/the role of women. I think there are too many stamps glorifying the war...