29 May 2016

Sunday Stamps II - 76

2015, Latvia, Lighthouses
Designer Arta Ozola Jaunaraja

The white brick, rectangular Salacgrivas Baka (baka = lighthouse in Latvian) can be found at the mouth of the Salaca River on the Gulf of Riga in northern Latvia. It's difficult to see, but in the clouds of the stamps is a map. It was built because of the numerous sandbanks that made the Gulf of Riga dangerous for navigation. In 2014, a promenade was built by bringing stones from the sea to protect the shore from erosion. The lighthouse has been inactive since 1970.
The artist Arta Ozola-Jaunaraja has designed at least 60 stamps for Latvia Post since 1993. Some of the themes, including the Lighthouses of Latvia, were suggested by Arta herself. More of her stamps can be seen here.

for lighthouses


  1. Fine stamp and lighthouse. I have been unable to find anything for this week unfortunately.

  2. I like that they didn't just focus on the lighthouse, and have the cranes and buildings as well.

  3. I like all the detail. Looking at Arta's stamps illustrated I have a couple, what a great relationship with Latvia Post, beautiful stamps.

  4. I love this stamp. I'd like to see this lighthouse in person.
    Lighthouses are my favourite theme. But, as Bob, I think all the stamps with lighthouses I can access now have already been posted.

  5. I love this design, such a pretty composition. I just looked at the website you linked to, and indeed her stamp designs are a joy for the eyes!