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03 April 2016

Sunday Stamps II - 68

September 2003, Slovakia "Small Cold Valley" view to the High Tatras
designer and engraver: Martin Cinovsky

The High Tatras form a natural border between Slovakia and Poland with the majority of the range and the highest peaks in Slovakia. There are 29 peaks reaching higher than 2,500 metres (8,200 feet) and 35 valleys containing 110 lakes. It's the only part of the Carpathian mountain range that has an alpine character and is one of the more important tourist sites in the country as a popular spot for winter sports and trekking.

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Ana said...

that's such a beautiful stamp! I can just feel that mountain's chill by looking at it!

Joy said...

'Small Cold Valley' A wonderfully evocative title

Bob Scotney said...

Superb stamp from a country I know nothing about. I can see I shall learn some geography this week.

Heleen said...

Impressive landscape, beautiful stamp!

Mail Adventures said...

This is a superb design. I love the colours.