27 March 2016

Sunday Stamps II - 67

March 1, 2016 Canada Hydrangea macrophylla
illustrator Marie- Élaine Cusson

A brand new stamp in the continuing flower series, hydrangeas produce blue or pink flowers depending on the acidity or alkalinity of the soil. These are also called 'mophead' hydrangeas and are the most popular variety grown. Although this particular one on the stamp is called "Endless Summer" it has in recent years become perhaps more popular as a spring potted plant than the white Easter lily for this time of year.

Happy Easter!

for Easter or spring


  1. You have reminded me that it is time to cut our hydrangea back.

  2. How interesting to have hydrangeas as potted plants at spring, as you will gather from that statement we don't, although you can almost guarantee that there will be at least one in a garden.

  3. Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers - these stamps look very nice. Happy Easter.

  4. that is a beautiful flower...and I am terrible in differentiating flowers, so this is like a good lesson too :)

  5. Interesting stamp and thank you for the information!

    I was surprised to see this hydrangea stamp for the 'spring' theme. We keep them in gardens and I always considered it a typical summer plant. Interesting to see that they are popular as pot plants and in spring!
    I don't know if Dutch people have hydrangea (hortensia we name them) in pots, too, but probably next time when I visit a flower shop I might see them this way, also in this time of the year! :-)