12 February 2017

Sunday Stamps II - 113

1984, St Lucia
Green Iguana

The Common Green Iguana, or iguana iguana (not sure why this stamp has it as Iguana iguana iguana) is native to Central and South America and parts of the Caribbean. In spite of its name, they can be found in many other colours from blue to black, lavender or pink. The ones in St Lucia are unique to other iguanas in that they are light green with predominant black stripes, have white or cream coloured irises instead of yellow, and have a black, not orange, dewlap. The females also lay only around 25 eggs whereas other iguanas lay around 50 or more.

for Western Hemisphere


  1. This a type of stamp that I love to see with the animal large enough to study.

  2. My first thought of lizards is them basking on warm rocks. This one looks much more alert, it could almost scuttle off the stamp.

  3. I love this stamp! The way the animal has been pictures, and the animal his/herself!

  4. Stunning stamp. I am always amazed when details are so distinct on the small format of a stamp.

  5. Great print-out! Agree with Bob that the animal is big enough to study the different features. This is probably the first stamp I've seen from St. Lucia.