04 February 2017

Sunday Stamps II - 112

1968, Rwanda
African National Costumes

Rwanda is a land locked country in the Great Lakes region of Central Eastern Africa and is in the southern and eastern hemisphere. Around 10 million people live there. These stamps from 1968 celebrate some of the national costumes. A mushanana is a traditional ceremonial dress for women and consists of a long, flowing skirt bunched at the hips and draped over one shoulder. Although it used to be worn for everyday wear, it is now more commonly seen on formal occasions such as weddings and funerals.

for the southern hemisphere


  1. A great set of stamps - I'm loving the fact that a camel got in on the action!

  2. Amazing variety of national costumes, great set.

  3. Beautiful set, Sanna! Lots of fabric with mesmerizing prints and patterns. Love the ones on the 60c and 20fr.

  4. Glorious set with striking colours. I wonder what the fabric feels like.

  5. It is a beautiful serie!

  6. You have released the set of stamps, they are really very beautiful. And i really like your stamps collection.
    Thank you so much for sharing


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